We are Kation

KATION is an advisory, transformation and consulting company, with locations in the Philippines and Indonesia that serve clients in the Asia Pacific region, especially customers who are growing and who see the need to digitally adopt, transform and or reform their businesses.

Let’s Accelerate Work Abundance!

Kation connects technology with your people and how they work. We strive to drive your business success using human-centered design, tools, and systems on platforms that best support your business growth and direction. Our focus is on people and process where technology functions as a support to enhance and accelerate work abundance.

Kation provides adoption, transformation and reformation (ATR) services for three areas:

  • Imagine Together – Advisory & Consultancy
  • Empower Together – Execution, Enablement and Engagement
  • Journey Together – Coaching and Co-Strategic Delivery

Our proven process to Imagine – Empower – Journey is always the first step, creating possibilities for an envisioned future to adopt, transform and or reform businesses to either increase revenues and productivity or decrease costs and inefficiencies.

It is in this pivotal process that we ensure a Business & Behavioral transformation road map that leads to a clear digital technology transformation guidebook.

Kation seek long-term partnerships together with clients and experts across industries. We bring the tools, the people, and the commitment necessary to spark a Kationiozed positively charged relationship, and drive ourselves and our partners to achieve their maximum potential. 


Our people work closely with our customers to deliver IT and ERP services, and to build products and solutions of real and lasting value. Our partnership drives digital transformation, and helps people and organizations work better, all towards sustainable success and growth. 

Our IT and ERP experts deliver consultative solutions for ERP in Finance, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Produc– tion, and other areas. We develop products and solutions that empower workforce productivity and drive digital transformation, at any scale and in any field: from sales agents to food carts to higher education and manufac– turing. These are powerful in their simplicity, and most have been built on the Microsoft 365 tools many businesses and people already use. 

We also work with customers in various industries to build digital solutions for real world pain points on other platforms and technologies. 

Sales Coach ​

Goals coach and goals tracker for frontliners, with options for sales leads and pipeline management (CRM) 


Online-offline POS and inventory management for food and retail kiosks 

Moo! Central ​

Omni channel personalized marketing and order handling for food and consumer retail 

Microsoft Office 365 (M365) ​

  • License Subscription
  • Full Service and Support
  • Training and Adoption Services
  • Active Directory Migration To Cloud – Mail Server Migration To Cloud

Microsoft SharePoint Solution Services ​

  • Full Service and Support
  • Training and Adoption Services

Microsoft NAV 

On-Premise To Microsoft Business Central Cloud Migration