The Impact of Kation’s Planned Partnerships in Indonesia

Through a joint venture with experienced technopreneur Yusuf Khyber Hasnoputro, Kation Technologies Inc., a provider of information technology (IT) solutions, is growing its activities in Indonesia. Kation Technologies Inc. was established in 2015 to support and help Asia Pacific businesses that are expanding and attempting to become digital.

With the help of this joint venture, Kation Technologies Indonesia hopes to hasten the digital transformation of the nation’s Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) by taking a more strategic approach that puts employee needs first and shifts the focus from technology investments to business investments. data for making decisions and calculating an obvious and quantifiable return on investment (ROI).

Companies frequently see their digital transformation activities as their final goal and have chosen to adopt a certain technology platform, according to Yusuf Khyber Hasnoputro, President Director, of Kation Technologies Indonesia. Adopting the newest technology is just one aspect of digital transformation; another is empowering the current staff to be more productive. Employees with an in-depth understanding of what works and what doesn’t in their day-to-day operations must be included in designing a successful digital transformation effort.

Measurable changes in corporate operations will result from the adoption of human-centered solutions that are tailored to the requirements of such employees. The final phase in the digital transformation process is selecting the technology that is acceptable, effective, and efficient, according to Andoni Albert, president and chief executive officer of Kation Technologies Inc.

“We think that technology is created by and for people. Therefore, a business strategy that considers the needs of every layer of the organizational structure equally from top to bottom must guide digital transformation projects. Employees who feel that a digital transformation is a tool that will help them perform their jobs more effectively must support the company change in order for it to be real and effective, he continued.

Kation Technologies Indonesia will also work with the organization’s business and IT leaders to develop digital initiatives with a range of training programs that will boost Indonesians’ productivity and the nation’s per capita income.

The Digital Indonesia Roadmap 2021–2024 is highlighted by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Menkominfo) in 2021 as a strategic directive to support Indonesia’s digital transformation in four sectors: digital infrastructure, digital governance, digital economy, and digital citizen.

More than 64 million MSMEs in Indonesia are being digitally onboarded as part of the government’s “Go Digital and Go Global” campaign. By 2024, the government wants 30 million MSMEs to be digital. Kation Technologies Indonesia is dedicated to helping these businesses accelerate their digital transformation and realize a digital society as the cornerstone of a burgeoning digital economy, Yusuf continued.

Experts at Kation Technologies Indonesia offer consulting services and create systems using cutting-edge technology from the best selection of platforms and solutions. It consists of modern business programs like ERP, an integrated management system for successful and effective corporate operations. Accounting, purchasing, project management, and other daily business operations can all be managed by MSMEs using ERP.

“By fusing the best of the digital world with the tangible realities of the real world, the services and products we offer help our clients to overcome their most difficult business difficulties. The true issue in a company environment that is frequently undergoing fast change is finding the appropriate answer. When people find quick fixes and begin putting them to good use, real transformation takes place, continued Andoni.

Kation Technologies is a Microsoft Gold Partner, one of Microsoft’s three biggest partners in the Philippines, and the country’s top supplier of Dynamics 365 business software. As a pioneer in developing and putting into use the best solutions leveraging all Microsoft platforms, including Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and Azure, Cation Technologies Inc.

During the Microsoft Philippines Partner Awards FY20, Kation Technologies received the “BIZ Apps Customer Recruit Award: Partner of the Year” in 2020. This honour is granted to Microsoft partners who have stepped up the pace of their organizations’ digital transformation using technology and AI.

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