Microsoft Announces 2022 Philippine Partner Awards Winners

PHILIPPINES, 21 December 2022—Microsoft Philippines recently hosted its 2022 Partner Awards, recognizing partners for their outstanding, innovative efforts to positively impact stakeholders every year. This year, four organizations received various distinctions: ePLDT Inc., Kation Technologies Inc., Microgenesis Business Systems, and Noventiq Philippines.

“It is through our partners and the work they do that Microsoft’s mission to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more is driven forward,” said Microsoft Philippines Chief Partner Officer, Fides Ricasa. “Now more than ever, innovation and resilience must be proliferated at scale and so we recognize the critical work our partners do towards that goal and celebrate them through these awards.”

This year’s panel of judges included Microsoft executives, who assessed nominees based on their business performance, innovative use of Microsoft technology and the subsequent impact delivered to their customers.

The 2022 Partner Awards featured seven categories:

  • The Azure Customer Recruit Award, given to the partner that has excelled in delivering outstanding business value through Microsoft Azure.
  • The Business Applications Recruit Customer Award, given to the partner that has excelled in delivering outstanding business value to Microsoft Business Applications.
  • The Teamwork Excellence Award, given to partners who deliver best-in-class Microsoft Teamwork solutions supporting customers through their digital transformation journey.
  • The Security Excellence Award, given to the partner that has excelled in providing customers with end-to-end security solutions.
  • The Tech Intensity Award, given to the partner that has excelled in driving tech intensity, and demonstrates commitment to learning.
  • The Customer Centricity Award, given to the partner most dedicated to building and responding to customer interactions in a way that exceeds customer expectations and satisfaction.
  • The Rising Star Award, given to the partner that has demonstrated strong customer focus and success in delivering outstanding business value.

ePLDT Inc. brought home three of seven awards.

First, the company was given the Customer Centricity Award for demonstrating its deep customer knowledge through comprehensive assessments to create a holistic view of its customers’ strengths and opportunities.

In addition, ePLDT won the Azure Customer Recruit Award by migrating the workloads of one of their largest customers in the education sector, resulting in a substantial reduction in enrollment time for students. Meanwhile, for one of their largest retail customers, ePLDT used Azure Public resources to support customers’ data warehousing requirements, enabling newfound visibility, analytics and insights with secure and resilient access to their confidential information.

Lastly, ePLDT also received the Tech Intensity Award for the third year in a row through a continuing focus on upskilling their employees to create a culture of innovation through learning.

Noventiq Philippines received two distinctions.

The company was awarded the Security Excellence Award by building on its end-to-end security foundation and creating a multi-horizon digital roadmap for a leading Philippine conglomerate, providing significant increase in employee productivity while keeping their customer’s data environment secured.

Noventiq Philippines was also awarded the Teamwork Excellence Award, coming from its solutions built on Microsoft platforms that helped multiple organizations drive growth through automation of operations and processes, and reduce carbon emissions.

Meanwhile, for creating and deploying omnichannel solutions, Kation Tecchnologies Inc. enabled sales efficiencies and improved customer experience for major retailers, earning them the Business Applications Customer Recruit Award.

Finally, by providing a more secure database and server management solution alongside an enhanced security network for one of the top universities in the country, Microgenesis received the 2022 Rising Star Award.

As the year closes, Microsoft extends its gratitude to all partners for submitting their nominations and participation in the awards this 2022.

“It’s a privilege for us to have so many partners who share the same vision of driving positive outcomes throughout the Philippines with technology. The quality of submissions made the judging process tougher than ever, with so much depth and scale to the impact of our partners’ work. They all deserve to be celebrated and once again, we’d like to extend our congratulations to all our winners. We look forward to a new year of collaboration ahead,” said Ricasa.


Microsoft Announces 2020 Philippines Partner Awards Winners​

Partners were recognized for their innovative solutions that positively transform customer experience​ and solve business challenges.

Philippines, 21 December 2020 – Last week, Microsoft Philippines held its 2020 Partner Awards, as part of a global circuit that recognizes Microsoft’s partners for their outstanding, innovative efforts to positively impact customers every year. This year’s awardees were Softline Services International Philippines Inc., Nexus Technologies Inc., Kation Technologies Inc., ePLDT Inc., Rhipe Philippines, NTT Data Philippines Inc., and Crayon Philippines.  

“Our mission to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more is driven forward by our partners and the work they do, which is why recognizing their efforts and their constant innovation is both fundamental and essential to us at Microsoft—especially at this time,” said Microsoft Philippines Chief Partner Officer, Fides Ricasa. “We’re absolutely honored and inspired to see the outcomes they’ve achieved and the extraordinary impact that so many of them have had this year.” 

A panel of judges composed of Microsoft executives presided over this year’s selection. Nominations were assessed based on their business performance, innovative use of Microsoft technology and the subsequent impact delivered to their customers.  

Seven categories featured in this year’s Partner of the Year Awards: Azure Customer Recruit for excellence in delivering outstanding business value in line with Microsoft Azure, BizApps Customer Recruit for excellence in delivering outstanding business value in line with Microsoft’s Business Applications space, Teamwork Excellence for exceptional delivery of best-in-class teamwork solutions using Microsoft’s collaboration tools, Security Excellence for exceptional delivery of end-to-end security solutions, Coopetition Excellence for driving successful Partner-to-Partner (P2P) motions, Tech Intensity for excellence in driving transformation within their own organization and in their customers’ and finally Customer Centricity for exemplary focus and response to customer needs resulting in improvements in business performance.  

For their outstanding efforts, Softline Services International Philippines Inc., received the Azure Customer Recruit Award and Kation Technologies Inc., the BizApps Customer Recruit Award. For the Excellence awards, Nexus Technologies Inc., was given the Teamwork Excellence Award, Crayon Philippines the Security Excellence Award and Rhipe Philippines the Coopetition Excellence Award. Finally, for the Customer Centricity and Tech Intensity Awards, NTT Data Philippines Inc., and ePLDT Inc., were awarded, respectively.  

A special distinction was introduced this year to recognize key initiatives by partners in response to COVID-19. The Para sa Bayan Award celebrates innovative and outstanding solutions or programs that helped organizations and communities respond to and recover from challenges created by the pandemic. 

For powering the digital transformation of the Overseas Workers Welfare Association (OWWA)—which led to the creation and implementation of their COVID Tracker Application and the DOLE-AKAP program—NTT Data Philippines Inc., was awarded alongside ePLDT Inc., for the latter’s efforts to enable remote learning for schools and students nationwide.

“We see the role we at Microsoft have to play in the Philippines’—and the world’s—recovery from COVID-19. We recognize the need, now more than ever, for purpose-driven innovation and our partners share that sense of responsibility. We’re thankful to all our partners for their incredible contributions and we look forward to even more next year and in the years to come,” said Ricasa. 

Microsoft also extends its congratulations to Infosys Limited who, earlier this year in July, was named Microsoft Philippines Country Partner of the Year. Infosys has distinguished itself as an outstanding partner in its first year of operations in the country by demonstrating excellence in advancing digitalization and delivering value for their customers.  

Microsoft expresses its gratitude to all partners for submitting their nominations and participation in the awards this 2020. 

Making the World’s New “Work Trend”​

As the previous pandemic’s gloomy skies lift, new methods and means of living our lives are beginning to emerge as global trends. Many organizations in the Philippines are generously allowing flexible work-from-home or hybrid-work arrangements that enable flexibility in the company’s operation as well as in the lives of its employees, as diverse sectors open up to satisfy the rising physical demand of the new normal.

Even before COVID-19 shook the world and disrupted many lives and economies, the Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE) in the Philippines began issuing guidance on the use of flexible work arrangements among private enterprises in 2009. It wasn’t until the outbreak of the pandemic that this policy was revived and given broader coverage and breadth, which extends to several government entities.

Taking One Step at a Time

While the pandemic’s uncertainty remains, many local businesses are attempting to handle the face-to-face work setup for quick recovery from the issues brought on by COVID-19. The information technology and business process management (IT-BPM) sector, on the other hand, is one of the few industries that has decided to keep work-from-home or hybrid-work schemes in place since it gives additional opportunities for the industry to grow and stay viable.

According to a recent report published by Colliers, a global leader in real estate services and investment management, aside from tax breaks provided by the national government to various companies operating in freeports or ecozones, including IT-BPM offices, many industry leaders see the latest work trend as a game changer for the economies and lives of many people. With the local outsourcing sector aiming to create 1.1 million new employees in the next six years, embracing a hybrid work setup is critical to this ambition and our country’s future.

According to NordLayer’s Global Remote Work Index, the Philippines is among the nations in the world that rank poorly in terms of remote work index. With the current world work trend, Filipinos, who are either freelancers or workers of business process outsourcing (BPO), are the only select ones who gain from it.

Where Do We Go From Here?

According to Department of Tourism (DoT) data as of June 2022, Singapore is the only Asian country that made the top ten ideal locations for remote work, and many Filipinos are now packing their bags to have their “workation” (work + vacation) there. From February to June of this year, about 13,000 Filipinos visited Singapore, making it the eighth most popular tourist destination in the world and the third most popular in Asia.

Melbourne, Australia, is the most appealing city for remote work, followed by (2) Montreal, Canada, (3) Sydney, Australia, (4) Prague, Czechia, (5) Toronto, Canada, (6) Tallin, Estonia, (7) Lisbon, Portugal, (8) Wellington, New Zealand, and (9) Zagreb, Croatia.

Other Asian countries on the list include Tokyo, Japan, which is rated 33rd, Chiang Mai, Thailand, which is ranked 45th, Bali, Indonesia, which is ranked 58th, Hong Kong, which is ranked 63rd, and Bangkok, Thailand, which is ranked 66th.

Read the full article here:

The Impact of Kation’s Planned Partnerships in Indonesia

Through a joint venture with experienced technopreneur Yusuf Khyber Hasnoputro, Kation Technologies Inc., a provider of information technology (IT) solutions, is growing its activities in Indonesia. Kation Technologies Inc. was established in 2015 to support and help Asia Pacific businesses that are expanding and attempting to become digital.

With the help of this joint venture, Kation Technologies Indonesia hopes to hasten the digital transformation of the nation’s Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) by taking a more strategic approach that puts employee needs first and shifts the focus from technology investments to business investments. data for making decisions and calculating an obvious and quantifiable return on investment (ROI).

Companies frequently see their digital transformation activities as their final goal and have chosen to adopt a certain technology platform, according to Yusuf Khyber Hasnoputro, President Director, of Kation Technologies Indonesia. Adopting the newest technology is just one aspect of digital transformation; another is empowering the current staff to be more productive. Employees with an in-depth understanding of what works and what doesn’t in their day-to-day operations must be included in designing a successful digital transformation effort.

Measurable changes in corporate operations will result from the adoption of human-centered solutions that are tailored to the requirements of such employees. The final phase in the digital transformation process is selecting the technology that is acceptable, effective, and efficient, according to Andoni Albert, president and chief executive officer of Kation Technologies Inc.

“We think that technology is created by and for people. Therefore, a business strategy that considers the needs of every layer of the organizational structure equally from top to bottom must guide digital transformation projects. Employees who feel that a digital transformation is a tool that will help them perform their jobs more effectively must support the company change in order for it to be real and effective, he continued.

Kation Technologies Indonesia will also work with the organization’s business and IT leaders to develop digital initiatives with a range of training programs that will boost Indonesians’ productivity and the nation’s per capita income.

The Digital Indonesia Roadmap 2021–2024 is highlighted by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Menkominfo) in 2021 as a strategic directive to support Indonesia’s digital transformation in four sectors: digital infrastructure, digital governance, digital economy, and digital citizen.

More than 64 million MSMEs in Indonesia are being digitally onboarded as part of the government’s “Go Digital and Go Global” campaign. By 2024, the government wants 30 million MSMEs to be digital. Kation Technologies Indonesia is dedicated to helping these businesses accelerate their digital transformation and realize a digital society as the cornerstone of a burgeoning digital economy, Yusuf continued.

Experts at Kation Technologies Indonesia offer consulting services and create systems using cutting-edge technology from the best selection of platforms and solutions. It consists of modern business programs like ERP, an integrated management system for successful and effective corporate operations. Accounting, purchasing, project management, and other daily business operations can all be managed by MSMEs using ERP.

“By fusing the best of the digital world with the tangible realities of the real world, the services and products we offer help our clients to overcome their most difficult business difficulties. The true issue in a company environment that is frequently undergoing fast change is finding the appropriate answer. When people find quick fixes and begin putting them to good use, real transformation takes place, continued Andoni.

Kation Technologies is a Microsoft Gold Partner, one of Microsoft’s three biggest partners in the Philippines, and the country’s top supplier of Dynamics 365 business software. As a pioneer in developing and putting into use the best solutions leveraging all Microsoft platforms, including Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and Azure, Cation Technologies Inc.

During the Microsoft Philippines Partner Awards FY20, Kation Technologies received the “BIZ Apps Customer Recruit Award: Partner of the Year” in 2020. This honour is granted to Microsoft partners who have stepped up the pace of their organizations’ digital transformation using technology and AI.

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